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Plastic vending cups – Black range 166 ml.

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100 pcs./sleeve; 3000 pcs./carton;
Disposable plastic cups;
Suitable for hot drinks;
Made of high quality material;
Excellent for vending automatic machines;
Capacity: 166 ml;




Design Black range
Material Polystyrene
Color Bicolor/black and white/
3.2 g
Diameter 70.3 mm
Drawing hazelnut
Useful volume
160 ml/Full: 176 ml
Pack Quantity 100 pcs.
Packs Per Carton 30 pcs.
Total Quantity/Carton
3000 pcs.
Carton Dimensions
390/390/550 mm
Carton Weight
10.6 kg
Pallet Dimensions
800 x 1200 mm
Pallet Height
2400 mm
Pallet Pcs.
72000 pcs.
Pallet Weight
269 kg