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Covim Vision Lux 190 ml.

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Disposable paper cups, suitable for hot drinks;

Made of eco cardboard, which responds to the norms of EU;

With well developed base, which helps avoiding the machine blockages;

High performance insulation allows drinks to stay hot for longer;

Heavier with higher quality;

The box of Covim Vision LUX 190 ml. has a new stylish design, branded with COVIM logo – in compact size and easy to carry.

Size: 7,5 oz;

50 pcs./sleeve; 1000 pcs./carton;



Design Covim Vision LUX
Capacity 200 ml.
Top Diameter 70,3 mm
Cup Height 90 mm
Cup Weight 5,30(+,- 0,2 g)
Packs Per Carton 20 sleeves х 50 pcs.
Carton Total 1000 pcs.
Net Weight 5,40 kg
Gross Weight 7 kg
Carton Dimensions 28,5 x 35,5 x 37,5
Pallet Pieces 56 cartons